Streamline the RFP process for large equipment purchases

It takes way too long.
(Submitted January 2014)


Thanks to Ted Nasser, Director of Purchasing with Procurement and Contracting Services, for providing the following response:

The Request for Proposal (RFP) process for both goods and services is governed by ABOR policy. Because of the complex nature of most RFP's, it's prudent to allow a question and answer period midway through the time the RFP is on the street in order to ensure that all interested parties fully understand the scope of work. With the need for this, the minimum time an RFP can be on the street is three weeks. RFP's are generally more complex as they take into account the need for evaluation committees, evaluation criteria, the evaluation and scoring of each of the proposals, finalist presentations (if necessary) and final negotiations with the vendor. With a dedicated committee, this process can be expedited but it requires a commitment from each member to participate in the entire process. We highly encourage you to get Procurement & Contracting involved as early as possible to ensure the process proceeds in accordance with ABOR policy. Early involvement by PACS may also help to streamline the process. Please contact Ted Nasser at 520-621-5449 or with any ideas you may have for Tri-University contracts.

(December 2015)


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