Board of Advisors

  • Dawn Bell

    Executive Assistant
  • Tom Bourgeois

    Executive Director, Campus IT Operations
  • Michael Brewer

    Team Leader, Library Undergraduate Services Team
  • Randy Burd

    Assistant Vice President, Program Innovation
  • Bernadine Cannon

    Portfolio Manager
  • Fernando Chavez

    Assistant Registrar
  • Hank Childers

    Executive Director, Analytics and Institutional Research
  • Jenny Flynn

    Vice President, Development Services, UA Foundation
  • Jeremy Frumkin

    Assistant Dean, Technology Strategy, University Libraries
  • Mika Galilee-Belfer

    Director, Faculty Affairs & Strategic Planning, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Gretchen Gibbs

    Professor of Practice, Office of Instruction/Assessment Coordinator, Professional Development - Online Instruction
  • Roger Miesfeld

    Department Head, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Francisco Moreno

    Deputy Dean, Diversity and Inclusion & Professor, Psychiatry
  • Lynn Nadel

    Regents Professor, Department of Psychology, Chair of SPBAC
  • Susan Richards

    Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
  • Helena Rodrigues

    Director, Human Resources Strategy and Planning
  • Jerzy Rozenblit

    Professor, Electrical & Computing Engineering
  • David Sbarra

    Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Psychology
  • Christian Schreiber

    Information Security Officer
  • Tricia Serio

    Head, Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Shay Stautz

    Associate Vice President, Federal Relations
  • Brian Ten Eyck

    Assistant Dean for Research Development, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Allison Vaillancourt

    Vice President, Human Resources & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Jean Vock

    Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, Eller College of Management
  • Keith Wilburn

    Assistant Dean, College of Medicine Information Technology Services