Modify PCard rules to allow payments on behalf of international visitors

When we host visitors, we are not allowed to use a PCard for transportation or meal if some members of the group are international visitors. We have to use a requisition instead. We are paying for them eventually, so why must we use a different process?


Thanks to Rosanne Channel, Assistant Comptroller, for providing the following response:

Thank you for bringing this frustration up for discussion. FSO and PCard policies related to making payments to international visitors (nonresident aliens or NRAs) are based on IRS regulation and immigration law. Depending on a visitor’s visa type, only certain payment types are allowed.

Additionally, there are different regulations regarding taxation on payments to NRAs vs U.S. citizens and residents . Because payments to NRAs require documentation to assure the payment would be allowed, as well as properly taxed if required, these policies are in place to protect UA from making inappropriate payments. The PCard process does not allow for proper documentation prior to the expense being incurred, while the PO and DV processes allow for review before a payment is made.

FSO policy 9.16 - outlines the payment types and methods allowed for various visa classifications.

Please contact if you have additional questions, or if you need guidance on making policy compliant payments to NRAs.

(December 2015)


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