Modify the PCard audit process

It recently took us 5 days to collect the information required to explain purchases made more than a year ago. Furthermore, the communication received on this was titled "VIOLATION" even though we had violated nothing.


Thank you to Nicole Salazar, Comptroller with FSO, for providing the following response:

The FSO Compliance team is now caught up with PCard audits and is reviewing transactions that were created in July, 2015. Due to the delay in receipt submission and the subsequent scanning process, it is our expectation to remain on the schedule of reviewing 3 months behind the transaction date for our general compliance check. Various other P-Card compliance projects may be run concurrently for 6 -12 months of records dependent on the risk of non-compliance.

Additionally, the FSO Compliance team has recently reviewed and updated the PCard audit e-mails. If you receive any e-mails that you have feedback on, please send your comments to

(December 2015)


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