Improve the lengthy store vendor process

We have a lengthy store vendor process, especially for furniture. Our tri-university vendor contract is more expensive and there is not better quality for the price. It takes 8-12 weeks after you place the order, vendor challenges your request and charges you for measuring, and only they can measure.

(Submitted January 2014)



Thanks to Ted Nasser, Director of Purchasing with Procurement and Contracting Services, for providing the following response:

The Tri-University Furniture contract is set up to provide the highest level of quality, service and warranties all while receiving substantial discounts off of the manufacturer's list pricing. While the furniture is sometimes more expensive, the University gets a product that lasts many years and is covered by some of the strongest warranties in the industry. Because many configurations are unique, often furniture needs to be manufactured to meet the customer’s needs. This can be a lengthy process but the end result is something that conforms to the department's requirements and lasts a lifetime. We realize budgets are tight and consistently work with departments to purchase furniture products that are not on the contract. This contract is not mandatory but does require exceptions to be granted for purchases as per Purchasing Policy 6.18 ( In addition, off contract furniture purchases would be subject to the informal bidding process if the purchase exceeds that threshold. For more information, please contact Ted Nasser, 520-621-5449 or

(December 2015)


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