Expedite the purchasing process for large equipment

It often takes months to purchase large equipment.


Thanks to Ted Nasser, Director of Purchasing with Procurement and Contracting Services, for providing the following response:

If the RFP process is not necessary and all documentation (i.e. quotes or a sole source justification) is included with the requisition, a PO can usually be issued within a few days. A reason for a delay longer than this may be the need for information from the vendor (W9 form, insurance certificates, price/cost analyses, federal certifications, etc.). If you see an order of yours delayed for more than a week, please reach out to the Buyer. If you have something that needs to be expedited, please indicate so on the requisition in the notes section and also reach out to the Buyer. For additional information or comments, please contact Ted Nasser at 520-621-5449 or enasser@email.arizona.edu.

(December 2015)


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