The Campaign for Common Sense

  • Is it a struggle to find information?
  • Are processes overly complex?
  • Does it take 100 steps to get things done?
  • Are policies impossible to comprehend?
  • Do you have to know or be an insider to make things happen?

The Campaign for Common Sense offers the UA community the opportunity to question current practices and propose more sensible approaches. You can also use this site to comment add to the "Don't Ever Change..." section that notes the people, programs and approaches that should not be changed. Every suggestion will be reviewed and considered, and items that receive a large number of votes will received special attention.

Review and vote on the suggestions that have been proposed to date (UA Net ID required) Comments will generally be published within 24 hours.

Submit an idea (UA Net ID required)


Interested in being part of a Campaign for Common Sense focus group? Please contact Allison Vaillancourt, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Human Resources at .