Budget annual maintenance costs for all buildings

Facilities Management is required to pay for annual maintenance without additional resources.Many of our buildings are in disrepair because funds for upkeep are not available. No new buildings should be authorized unless there is a plan for regular refresh and renewal.


Thank you to Christopher Kopach, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management, for providing this information:

Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding annual maintenance costs. Our Facilities Management staff continues to work as effectively and efficiently as possible with all resources we have available. We have found that it is critical to forecast all our routine maintenance, grounds, and utility needs as well as look at items that are deferred and then to utilize all financial resources as efficiently as possible. We complete a detailed operations budget on an annual basis and within our plans we determine (when funds are available) which areas and buildings to target that are past their useful life and are incurring larger financial maintenance costs. The use of technology allows us to cover additional square footage, control mechanical systems and irrigation systems, and assist us in the overall running of our utility plants. Thank you again for your comments. (Submitted June 2014)


Carefully Considered




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At the very least, this idea should be considered with new buildings and even major renovations. Maintenance budgets should also include janitorial services and similar everyday maintenance costs.

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