Bring back the Teal Cat Tran Shuttle from AHSC to SUMC

For years we were able to hop on the Teal shuttle, twice per hour, and go to the student union from the health sciences center - this dropped us off just north of the bookstore receiving dock on James E Rogers Way. With the onset of construction for the streetcar routes changed, but we could get dropped off at the Speech and Hearing stop - which was close, but still far. Now with the streetcar operational, the Teal shuttle service goes straight from the hospital to the University Services Building.

We have new employees, student runners, and regular employees who need to go to the student union/administration building regularly for CatCards, Work study, bookstore purchases, signature routing, etc. and now we have no easy way to get there. Yes, the streetcar is now available and goes near there. However;

1. This is a pay per trip service and if we are on UA business why should we pay the city to go for a quick ride;

2. We have to walk more than a quarter mile to get to the streetcar vs. the cat tran pick up being right outside the back entrance to the hospital;

3. The streetcar still does not go right up to the building destination and if it is raining we will still get soaked; or

4. The only other option is employees have to walk a mile in the 100 degree heat!

As a solution, PTS could make a Student Union express route which goes directly to the turnaround between the 2nd street garage and the bookstore and returns - if it was not possible to do this multiple times an hour, it could maybe do this once an hour or at intervals like 9 am, noon and 3 pm. Another solution would be to modify the Teal shuttle route to what it was years ago, stopping just outside the bookstore receiving dock. A final solution would be to add another route that goes past the SUMC and to Park Ave and back or make one Teal shuttle per hour go past the student union and then continue to the USB.

In conclusion, this system is broken and we need a fix. We do not want to feel like second class citizens who work at the health sciences center and don't have the same benefits as someone who works on main campus to have easy access to services we need in order to do our jobs!

(Submitted September 2014)


 Notes Thanks to David Heineking, Director of Parking & Transportation, for the following information:

The Teal Route continues to service the Student Union via a stop at Mountain and 1st, a little less than a block north of the Student Union. Unfortunately, due to the Streetcar, the CatTran is unable to stop on 2nd street. 

The roundabout just north of the Student Union is frequently jammed with pedestrians and cars. The CatTran was consistently being boxed in and unable to stay on time for its route. 

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Submitted by hrsim on
Mountain and 1st is NOT close enough, plus the cat tran has to go all the way to USB first before it goes there.
Why can't we just have it go back down James E Rogers like it used to? That way it would provide a service. It is pretty useless now.

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