What We're Hearing

You can visit the suggestions section of this website to vote on the issues you believe deserve priority attention. Suggestions that have emerged most frequently in focus groups include the following:

·         Coordinate community and corporate relationships

·         Integrate the Outreach College into the rest of the University

·         Simplify the Designated Campus Colleague process

·         Increase the threshold for purchasing-related bids and documentation

·         Make it easier to extract and rely on UAccess data

·         Provide clear guidelines about purchasing and contract requirements

·         Streamline the travel authorization process (including electronic signatures)

·         Update travel-related reimbursement rates (last updated several years ago)

·         Improve the course registration experience

·         Staff Human Resources so that calls do not go to voice mail

·         Standardize academic policies and practices across colleges

·         Streamline the room and course scheduling proces

·         Centralize policies, and write them in a more user-friendly fashion