Allow students/staff with vehicle permits to buy subsidized SunTran U-Pass

Parking and Transportation does not allow students or staff with vehicle parking permits to buy a discounted SunTran U-Pass. These people pay the most for their permits. They don't get a discount, but people paying nothing do? It would be better for the environment to offer this group discounted passes because that would mean they aren't driving their cars around as much. It would also alleviate the inevitable congestion in parking garages and lots at peak times - beginning/end of semesters, sporting event days, major Mall events, etc.

(Submitted July 2014)



David Heineking, Director of Parking & Transportation, and his team at Parking & Transportation are excited to announce that UA staff and students with permits will now be allowed to purchase a subsidized Sun Go pass. 

(Update August 2014)




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