Allow same day parking reservations from Parking & Transportation Services

In Phoenix, we utilize the parking and reservations system for guests and lecturers on a daily basis.  Occasionally we have a lecture change and we cannot do an online parking reservation the day of the event.  We are forced to call P & TS and many times we get a voice mail message and are unable to accommodate the guests request.

(Submitted February 2014)


Thanks to David Heineking, Director of Parking & Transportation, for the following:

We do not allow automatic same-day reservations because in order to be sure that we have enough space in the garage, we need to manually check that there are no other large events going on that could interfere with your guest’s parking. We do the same for groups of over 25 people. Please contact (520) 621-3710 for same-day reservations. We have worked with UITS this Spring to completely redo our phone system in the customer service area.  Our Visitor Program line has backup if the primary person is out of the office, and I will be sure that we are checking voicemail regularly.  We have met with many of the PBC people in several meetings to discuss issues such as this and I believe we have resolved most of them. (Response May 2014)


Carefully Considered


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