Allow refunds of parking permits returned after April

I have been working at UA for 6 years and have paid for a parking lot space for all of these years.  Recently, I purchased a house, 3 blocks for campus.  My house closed on May 20, so I no longer need a parking space on campus.  When I went to turn in my parking pass, I was told that there would be no refund for June, July or August, but they would take me off the list for next year.  Payroll deductions will keep happening through August even though I no longer need the parking space.  I was told that refunds only happen up until April and that it is for employee convenience that they even allow payroll deduction!  They did say if I was leaving the UA, then I could get a refund.

Is this to make faculty who are on 9 month contracts pay all year?  What about students?  Do they have to pay all year for parking even though they are not here in the summer?

This seems to be yet another way to get into employee's pockets.

(Submitted June 2015)


Thanks to Dave Heineking, Executive Director for Parking & Transportation, for the following response:

We have been talking about this issue for some time. The costs of permits are based on the cost of providing service: maintenance of the garages and lots, personnel costs, alternative transportation programs, and other IT and operational costs. Making permits annual and having a cut off time for refunds allows us to keep permit costs lower by spreading the expense over a longer period.  In particular those on payroll deductions see the benefit of having the cost spread over 24 pay periods instead of 18, making the deduction per check smaller.  

If we did not have a cutoff date for requesting a refund, the corresponding loss of revenue would require an increase in permit costs for all permit holders.

Permits returned after this time are not resellable because of the lack of demand this late in the school year. 

April 2017


Carefully Considered



Submitted by ahupp on
It does not make sense to me that refunds after April can be given to those leaving the University, but not to those staying but canceling their permits. What's the difference between these two? In both cases, the parking has been made available to another user. Does the University sell permits during the period April to August? If so, Is the University collecting rent on the space from both the former permit holder and the new permit holder?
Ali Hupp
Business Manager, Human Resources

Submitted by lms on
I had the opposite problem. I moved from an off-campus, to an on-campus job in April and all of the permits were sold out. I didn't do much research into my options, and decided to park off campus. It would be nice if there were some sort of exchange option for these situations.

Submitted by gforger on
Parking has always been such a big issue on this campus and anything that can be done to make it easier would be great. I solved my own issues with this several years ago by getting a bus pass from Parking and Transportation. After not driving on and around campus for several years, I realize it is also a great way to lower stress.
Garry Forger

Submitted by flanary on
This does seem like an opportunity for good customer service where Parking and Transportation is failing.
Jerry Flanary
Library Information Associate, University Library

Submitted by hillaryvance on
This is still an issue, and disappointing that almost 2 years later it's still in the "exploring" status. I'm working from a new duty post starting in 5 weeks, and if I don't turn in my permit by Friday, they will be collecting money from me until August for a permit I won't be using as I'll be on another continent. So for the next 5 weeks I'll have to find alternate transportation or keep paying them for NO REASON.

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