Allow PCards to be used to pay for more travel items

The transmission of paper receipts is time consuming and inconvenient for travelers who must wait for reimbursement. Given the rebates provided by PCards, we would make money and save time.other universities allow PCards to be used this way and we should too!


Thanks to Karen Brookbanks, Business Analyst, Principal at Procurement and Contracting Services, for providing the following response:

PCards with the Travel Enhancement can currently be used to pay for most travel related expenses as per PCard Policy 6.2 ( with the major exception being hotels. The University has initiated a PCard pilot program for hotel expenses which, pending successful completion, would be rolled out to campus. For additional information on this and other PCard related questions please contact PCard customer Service at 520-626-9091.

(December 2015)





Submitted by saxee on
I was told to give purchasing a 3 month heads up re: booking a meeting room at a hotel. When the room's been approved by purchasing - they alert the PC Office and then the local accounting office who release my card for the charge. All this makes scheduling a meeting off site more trouble than it's worth and a totally aggravating experience.

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