Allow only paid permit holders to park on the two lowest levels of the 2nd Street Garage

The 2nd Street Garage's seeming shift to being primarily garage for UA visitors has made parking frustrating for permit holders - haphazard parking, taking up two spaces, people going the wrong direction, etc. Entry and exit has also become a bit dangerous as well as frustrating - unaware vehicle traffic, the streetcar, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.

(Submitted September 2015)


Thanks to David Heineking, Executive Director of Parking & Transportation Services, for the following response: 

This is not feasible as enforcement would need to check that every vehicle on the lower levels possessed a permit.  This would be so time consuming as to be dysfunctional and limit the usefulness of the spaces.  The other solution would require another gate system which would cause more congestion and inconvenience. 

All the short term parking being pushed to the higher levels would create a significant amount of additional traffic congestion as those parkers traversed to the higher levels in search of parking and then down again to leave.

The 2nd Street Garage is the smallest parking structure on campus and the roof is partially shaded with solar panels.

Reserved spaces are available upon request and approval.  There is a substantial cost for a reserved space.

(October 2015)


Carefully Considered



Submitted by hrsim on
We all experience the same things in every garage - it is not just the 2nd Street garage. And sometimes it is the permit holders that are the ones that do pull through or take two spots (personally I back into my spot against the wall because it is easier to navigate exiting in traffic). But visitors should not be afforded some kind of priority of being able to take day user spots! I think ALL garages, because they are premium spaces, should have certain areas reserved for permit holders (they do this with the city run Pennington garage downtown where permits are allowed on the top floors past a second set of barriers). Our visitors, however, should have to go to the roof! For example, the day of the first football home game which was a work day, visitors were allowed in our garage - nightmare! Took 45 minutes for me to get out from the 2nd floor at 5 pm. Not that the visitors will adhere to any policy like that, but we already have a "permit holders only from 2am-5am" sign... maybe that is a start!

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