All staff should be trained re: active shooter protocol

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I meant to suggest this a while back but after today's events at UCLA; we absolutely need active shooter training for all staff/faculty. If anything, it would make the UA look very good that they are training their staff to be proactive. Parents and students would feel confident that their staff are trained to provide the best safety. Sheltering in place just isn't enough. Notification boards and UAlerts just aren't enough.  I see many advantages. Outside the fact that we will all be safer with the knowledge on how to handle active shooters, we also need more campus-wide active shooter drills. Empowering the students/faculty/staff to deal with an issue that is becoming more of a normal occurrence will save lives.

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Submitted by marym on
I believe we should follow other institutions and create an online safety/security awareness video or slideshow with questions at the end of the presentation about the material. This should be a mandatory review on an annual basis where you have to log in using your NetID. There are too many employees and students who don't know the basics and don't know where to go to find them out. This would also help with meeting some accreditation concerns for many colleges when they are asked how their staff and students are informed about emergency procedures and safety issues.

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I think marym's idea is really great and something we should be able to easily implement.

I also believe that nothing beats hands on training. Actually experiencing a mock situation can mean the difference between people knowing what to do or freezing up/freaking out when their adrenaline spikes. There are companies that provide this type of simulated training to their employees- and there are videos created as well. Here is one such video: ALICE provides the type of training marym was talking about:
We might even be able to set up something with this company and tailor a type of short-simulated training for departments- inside the actual department:

There are many ways to ensure everyone is aware of simulated training in departments and to ensure that either law enforcement or training companies are using weapons that are obviously not real and/or carry identification that can be easily verified and shown to individuals in case they are unaware this is a training simulation. Having departments on a rotating training schedule can not only relieve strain on the university for providing training but also companies/law enforcement providing the training.

It would be good if everyone went to at least one class- and then re-certify by watching the training videos. After the initial simulated training blast is finished with the entire campus, simulated training can be held for new employees a few times a year after orientation. If individuals (students/faculty/staff) feel they would like to participate in the annual simulated training then they can purchase the training at a reduced cost (since there is likely to be a group of people taking advantage of it).

Submitted by seastone on
Thank you for your comments and suggestions. The UAPD has an active shooter awareness program we are happy to present to any group on campus. We have give many of these programs over the years. We also have on our website a link to a video and a poster that can be printed out. Here is the link to the video: The link for the poster is:

We are looking into the possibility of hosting one big presentation over the summer, and before classes begin in the Fall, where anyone could come to the hour-long presentation. We will be sure to make sure the campus community is well aware of these sessions.

If you would like us to come to your department to give a presentation, please call our crime prevention unit at 520.626.8007, we will be happy to get it scheduled.

Thank you again for your comments and suggestions
Brian Seastone
Chief, Univesity of Arizona Police Dept.

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