Add signage and information for motorists regarding traffic rules around the Sun Link streetcar

There are a few places on the Sun Link line where it's rather unclear what the rules are for motorists. For example (not an exhaustive list):

1.       The platform/stop on University Ave. (by Gentle Ben's): If the streetcar is stopped to let folks on or off, can cars pass to the right? There's room to pass but it's unclear if that's kosher.

2.       Heading south on Park from Speedway, there is no left turn lane. If a car is turning left onto, say, Second from Park, can cars going straight pass that car to the right? Ditto on Park and University—cars going straight are darting around the right of those turning left, and it's not clear if that's acceptable/safe.

If signage is forthcoming that would be great—I suspect it would help folks wanting to do the right thing while keeping cyclists safer. (And on that note, actually: lots of cars also seem to be driving in the bike lane on Park—trying, it seems, to avoid the tracks. Some signage reminding folks not to do that might be helpful too.) Thank you for considering this suggestion.


Thanks to David Heineking, Executive Director of Parking & Transportation Services, for the following response:

The City of Tucson controls signage specific to the operation of the Modern Street Car.  We have connected with the City and asked them to consider this suggestion.

The PTS website has information about this and we pass out brochures and information at many public forums including orientations. 

(October 2015)


Carefully Considered


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