Add a sidewalk & ramp on the east side of of the Koffler building (Between Koffler and Sci Library)

There is currently a bike/golf cart lane between the two buildings. The sidewalk on the west side of the Science Library. On the other side, e.g. (the east side of Koffler) between the building and the mall, there is a dirt area and big rocks where people are forced to walk because walking on the bike lane will cause someone to get run by a bike or golf cart. This is a busy and transited area especially when classes are back in session and more than once I have seen a bike or a golf cart almost run over someone because they were walking on that lane.  The side walk on the library side is always full and people typically walk on both sides. In order to make the flow easier, a sidewalk between Koffler and the sidewalk that faces the mall towards the north of the building would solve the problem. In addition, a ramp would meet accessibility requirements.

(Submitted August 2015)


Thanks to Chris Kopach, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management, for providing the following response on behalf of the Facilities Management team:

The sidewalk east of Koffler Building has been extended north to the ramp on the main sidewalk along the south side of the mall.

(April 2016)





Submitted by gilmore on
Extend all the way to the mall pavement (through where the rocks are between the mall pavement and sidewalk)

Submitted by warddavid on
I agree with the comment above... please extend the sidewalk all the way to the mall pavement.

Submitted by jminor on
This is a big site of congestion for bikes and pedestrians, especially at change of class. Add to that the UAPD motorcycle cops and a bunch of golf carts careening around.

A sidewalk on both sides of this bike path would make a huge difference, and would merely pave where hundreds of people per day choose to walk already.

Submitted by barchmar on
I agree that this is a good safety comment. Many people choose to walk in the bike/cart lane as opposed to walking on the big rocks in front of Koffler. I would also like to see this extended not to the mall, but all the way through the mall next to the bike lanes. Many people walk the bike lane and bikes fly through there all the time. There are sidewalks on each side of the bike lane between Mod Languages and Admin. but there is nothing on the mall itself.

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