Add "Open Balance" column to Purchase Order in UAccess Financials

 We have columns for Cost, Tax, Total and Amount Paid, but nothing for the available balance on each line, when it seems that should be the “logical conclusion” when reading across the line: Total less Amount Paid = Open/Available Balance. For POs with multiple lines and multiple payments, it can take a significant amount of time to calculate the open balance on each line to ensure sufficient funds are available for a pending payment.



Thanks to Suellyn Hull Caywood, Director of the FSO Initiatives and Outreach Team, for providing the following response:

Thank you for your suggestion. At this time, a modification of the Financials system would be required to add the available balance to each accounting line. Since we are not making modifications due to limited resources, one alternative is to use Analytics to get information on the open encumbrance amounts for POs. We would recommend contacting Analytics for assistance in building a report for your department.

We will add this suggestion to the requests for changes to the system so we do not lose the information you have provided. If you have any additional feedback or questions, please contact us at

(December 2015)


Carefully Considered


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