Add January 2, 2015 to the holiday closure period

Why isn't January 2, 2015 included in the holiday shutdown?  Most people will take this day off anyway because why come back for one day?  You might as well give all employees the opportunity to have this day off instead of forcing departments to figure out who gets to have it off and who has to work. (Submitted March, 2014)


Carefully Considered



Submitted by ahupp on
This suggestion is a good one. Not including January 2, 2015, in the closure is unfair to lower-paid employees. It creates hardship for those who have to man the phones, front desks, labs, etc. Those lower-paid employees' vacations and family time will be cut 4 days shorter because someone will be required to be in place for what will inevitably be a very, very, very quiet day.
Ali Hupp
Accountant, HR

Submitted by chrisc on
Isn't the closure also about saving on utility costs? Why power everything back up for one day?

Submitted by sarmstro on
Should this suggestion be removed since the date in question is in the past? Also, is there any feedback that can be shared since the status of this suggestion is "exploring"? Based on the second comment, is anyone able to estimate how much the University would have saved on facility-related costs by operating at a reduced level for an additional three days?

Submitted by hci on
This make sense since there are few people on campus and very little phone or email traffic.

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