Add flexibility to parking garage rights

I currently pay for parking in the Cherry street garage. Occasionally, I need to attend a campus meeting at USB or other parts of campus where driving would be more efficient (i.e., I need to rush over to the meeting in a short time frame), but the fact that I need to pay to park in other garages is frustrating. For staff who have already paid for garage parking privileges, and who have many across-campus meetings, it would really help if we could park in other campus garages without having to pay additional fees. (Submitted March 2014)


Thanks to David Heineking, Director of Parking & Transportation, for the following response:

Parking on campus is limited. There are about 17,000 spaces to accommodate a daily population of around 50,000 people. We try to accommodate the business needs of those on campus in a few ways. First, our on-campus shuttle system, Cat Tran, provides free rides to most areas on campus. These shuttles operate from 6 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday. Second, we offer departmental service permits for those departments that choose to purchase them. These permits are for use by employees who need to drive in order to attend meetings or other business functions. Please understand that these permit spaces are limited, so use must be restricted to business purposes (as opposed to personal business, such as using the permit instead of a regular parking permit). Spaces are located throughout campus so that one may conveniently park near almost any building. Finally, we offer departments the opportunity to receive a departmental bicycle. While this option is not appropriate for all people or departments, many find this a convenient way to get around campus. The bottom line is that there is simply not enough space for us to reserve more than one space per customer. (Response May 2014)


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Perhaps, like the services PTS provides to bus pass holders (or atleast they did) by having scratch off Zone One permits to use on an emergency basis - they could also provide us with scratch off permits or coupons or something like that for use in alternate garages. Maybe if that is not a possibility, perhaps an add on for say $25 a year could be added for those who have the necessity to use alternate garages periodically. Granted part of what PTS looks for is balancing the parking spaces to insure permit holders in the garages have parking and if there were a big meeting at the union and everyone flocked to 2nd Street garage it would not be possible to park everyone...

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